Mobile App Program Marketing


Columbus State was launching a new academic program in mobile application design and development. They needed a visual identity (based on the overall Columbus State brand) and various marketing pieces to promote the program to students and the education community.


To create effective marketing materials that accurately portrayed the program, I had to understand what the program entailed—what would students who completed the program be doing after graduating. I also completed a competitor analysis to see what similar programs were using when it came to visuals. Based on my researh and best practices, I then created a suite of materials for the client. 


The goal was to create eye-catching marketing materials that would appeal to prospective students and quickly communicate what the program is about. I created a suite of materials to start them off—folders, banners, flyers and a table throw—to promote the program. So far, the materials have been well-received. Next steps will include creating a web prescence and more detailed marketing materials.